Terri Meyer & Sean Fleter | Crystal Lake, IL

I’m very pleased with my Power Management unit ! It was installed very quickly and looks great. I’m averaging $100 off my electric bill monthly. My bill was averaging $300 to $400 a month. The savings is a nice Christmas fund for my kids. I’m willing to give a testimonial to anyone that wants to talk about this product in person or on the phone ! Sean Fleter THANK YOU AGAIN POWER MANAGEMENT.

Grace C. | Illinois

I have a town home averaging 20% savings monthly, no matter what season. I would suggest Power Management to anyone that would like to save money on their electric bill. It only took ½ an hour to install and looks very professional.

Gary Meyer | JDK Services/Snap Fitness | Hampshire, IL

I have two businesses and my home with a pool running with Power Management,I have tracked a savings between 20% and 25% on my buildings and my home. I am very happy with my installations as well as all my savings monthly.

John Soffietti | Lake in the Hills, IL

I had my Power Management unit installed in Sept. 2011. The past months I have yielded a 16% average savings in KWh on my electric bill. The unit itself is compact and looks good. The installation was quick, clean, and non-invasive. I am impressed and it performs as advertised.

Rusty Evans | Canton, MA

My first month savings was an astounding 16%! I installed a Power Management Unit on my home. In the 30 day test cycle, for which I have just received my bill from my power supplier, my bill and usage were 16% less than it would have been otherwise. It is only my wife and myself living here, so I can only imagine the savings for a larger family or even a commercial property

Ron D. | Texas

Very fast delivery! Hooked up & saw drop in total amps drawn. It works! RECOMMEND!

Mitch D. | Texas

KWh/day down 17% for July ’10 vs. July ’09. No other electrical/home changes. A++ deal!

Ralph Escobar | Miami, FL

I am very satisfied with my Power Management Unit which you installed on November 7, 2008. My first month’s electric bill went from $1,001.60 to $714.64. Your Power Management Unit saved me 28% on my electric bill. Wow! I am encouraging my clients to take advantage of these energy-savings. I also feel good about helping the environment. Thank you—You are providing a very important and beneficial service to people.