Colleen Coleman | Algonquin, IL

Tim from Power Management installed my unit in January of 2013. My electric bills are reflecting a steady savings of over 25%! I am very impressed with the follow-up service and concern about the savings that Power Management is affording me. My representative also tweaked the unit to provide the maximum efficiency. I am extremely grateful for what this company is doing for the environment. Thank you!!

Mark & Michele Levin | Palestine, TX

Great product! We started saving money the day we installed! We live in Palestine, TX where the average temperature is 90 to 105 in the summer. We run a 5 ton air conditioner,5 ceiling fans, hot tub, swimming pool and 3 refrigerators. Our electric bills in the summer were $400 plus before our Power Management unit and now our electric bills are around $300. We are experiencing 25% and more savings on our energy bills. The unit is completely quiet and requires absolutely no maintenance. I have recommended this product to my entire family and friends. Depending on how much electricity your household uses it can pay for itself in 3 to 6 months. We have had ours since December 2012 and figured it paid for itself by March 2013. Don’t be penny wise and dollar foolish. After 3 months of energy savings the unit is paid for and you save on your electric bill for as long as its connected.We are saving at least $1200 per year, if we stay in our home for 10 years that is over $12,000 in savings. The unit can be professionally installed. I felt comfortable hooking it up myself and was done in about 15 minutes. So easy I will take it with me if we decide to move into a new home.

Tony Colatorti | Crystal Lake, IL

With Power Management I’m saving $70 to $100 a month at my residence and also have it working for me at my business where I’m saving huge money monthly. This is a great product and if anyone is skeptical you shouldn’t be, I was given a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Power Management plain and simple WORKS!! A++ Thank you Tim.

Cucina Bella Restaurant | Algonquin, IL

My electric bills ranged from $2000 to $2600, after installing Power Management I was saving $400 to $550 a month in the summer. How nice was that to get a break on my power bills and to be able to pay for P M within 4 months time, its all savings from now on. This is a great product and I have sold other people for Tim. Thank you again Tim.

Boyle Body Works | St. Charles

Power Management came and installed one three phase 200 amp unit. My bills ranged from $500 to $800 through out the year on an average. To see a 20% discount will be nice and will lighten the the bill load a lil, any help now days, I’ll take it! Thanks Snappy.

da Baffone Cuciana Italiano | Crystal Lake, IL

I have one single phase unit installed on my restaurant and my bills use to be $900 to $1200 and now at the highest end $700 to $930. Anyway to save money is good, Thank you Snappy.

Algonquin Auto Care | Algonquin, IL

Tim has installed one single phase and one three phase unit in my business and since put in even though we had a record breaking hot summer, I still am showing approximately 15% of my monthly electric bills. I was a lil skeptical but now a believer. Thank you Snappy!

Pro Dental | Sleepy Hollow, IL

I have invested in 1 single phase and 1 three phase unit for both of my dentist offices. It has been well worth the money and will pay for itself in a few months and all the rest is savings for the the future. Thank you for suggesting this product to me Tim.

Brar Dental | South Elgin, IL

My Dentist practice uses a lot of power $2500 to $2800 a month. With Power Management and a change of my power company I have saved over 1/2 on my bills monthly. It is sure nice looking at bills now that Ive realized there are ways to save money without to much headache involved. Its been well worth every penny Ive invested in P.M. Thank you Tim.

Sonja & Rick Brar | St. Charles, IL

I have put Power Management in use at my house and reflected a 15% to 20% discount on my electric bill monthly depending on hot or cold months. As promised by Tim it is a set it and forget it technology . What a great product, thank you again Tim.